From the Touchline

Administration and Organization

Structure of the Season

Mini Tag Rugby.

Play games with small numbers, no more than seven. Squad sizes are set by festival organisers, but not less that 10 players

  • Passes may be sideways or backwards through the air.
  • Free pass restart no more than 2metres, opponents 7 metres away on line parallel to goal line.
  • No scrum.
  • No line out. A ball going in to touch will result in the opposing side restarting the game with a free pass from the point on the touchline where the ball went out of play. If within 7 metres of try line, play restarts 7 metres from tryline.
  • No kicking.
  • A tackle - a 'Tag' - is made by removal of one of the two tags from the ball carriers belt.
  • The tagged player must pass the ball to a team mate within 3 seconds.
  • The tagged player must stop running as soon as possible (within 3 strides is a reasonable guide).
  • The tagger must stop running and wait for the tagged player to reclaim their tag before re-joining the game.
  • No diving to score or falling on the ground.
  • No hand offs, fend offs or barging.

Coaches and Contact Details

Manager & Lead Coach

Joe Swanson
10, Barlow Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12
07785 326 580


John Richards
19 Clive Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 4SQ
07767 788575