From the Touchline

Chobham A festival report - pdf

Administration & Organisation

Structure of Season


Mini Rugby with contact.

12 a-side - 5 forwards, 7 backs. Squad sizes are set by festival organisers, but not less that 17 players.

Laws of the Game apply in all respects except:

  • Scrum - 3 player front row and 2 second row locks binding around hips.
  • Offside Line (Scrum) - Scrum half alongside opposing scrum half but cannot move beyond the mid line of the scrum until the ball is out of the scrum.
  • Line Out (Contested) - 2-4 players line out between 2 metres and 10 metres from the touchline, 5th player throws in. Quick throw in NOT allowed. Lifting is not permitted.
  • Offside Line (Line Out) - 10 metres from line of touch.
  • Drop kick to start/restart games. Kicking from the hand is permitted,
  • Tries converted
  • No hand offs, fend offs, scrag tackles or barging.

Coaches and Contact Details

Manager & Lead Coach

Adrian Carr
29 Herne Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 5BX
0784 335 3302


Alan Jones
92 Rectory Lane, Long Ditton, Surrey, KT6 5HW
0795 655 3292